Crochet Patterns Hello everyone Tell me please, do you like rats? And protein? I'm sure many of …


Whats up everybody 👋 Please inform me in case you like rats? And protein? I'm positive a lot of you’ll reply “no” within the first case and “sure” within the second. Together with me 🙈. And why? In spite of everything, in actual fact, squirrels are the identical rats, solely fluffy 😁. So what am I doing? And to the truth that two weeks in the past I made a decision to participate within the Mouse Fuss @mausihaos competitors, and because of this, I used to be born right here such a cute little rat 😍🤗. Thanks for him Lena @echerchik в # vyazhuscherchik.
At first I deliberate to make him a very completely different picture 😁. He was presupposed to be a “cool” rat, coated in chains and bracelets💍, seated on a lovely armchair 💺 close to the fireside (I even started to look the Web for uk how you can make a fire and armchair with my very own arms 😅), and beneath his toes there was a pores and skin Kota 🙈 (after all, synthetic 😁). And when my rat 🐀 was prepared, I spotted that that picture didn’t swimsuit him in any respect 😯, that it wasn’t an grownup rat in any respect, however a foolish little boy. After which I started to “break” my head over a brand new approach 🤪. I need to say that he got here to my head in a short time – the picture of a boy-cowboy 😃👏. And as a way to emphasize that he’s a boy, I made him a toy – a horse on a stick, wherein all of the boys used to play 😊. I feel the picture is totally shaped, I prefer it very a lot 🤗. Hope you appreciated it too 😉. Do you prefer it? 😊
P.s. It seems not all disagreeable rats 😉.

Crochet Patterns


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